June 2022

By Wren in Flight

Budget Over Broke


Shiny new gear is always nice, but ultimately the best lens is the one you can afford.  Whether you're a pro or hobbyist, click below for my fav low-cost Canon lenses.

Best Landscape Lens


Wide-angle lenses are best when it comes to capturing panoramic views. The smaller the focus length your lens offers, the more you’ll be able to fit into your frame.  Click below to see our top choices!

Best Portrait Lens


Prime lenses are generally a more compact size, lighter and significantly sharper than their zoom lens siblings. They tend to have wider apertures, which means they’re perform better in low light conditions.  Click below to know my top portrait lens!

Best Wildlife Lens


If your travel adventures are focused primarily on wildlife photography, a high quality telephoto lens is an important factor when choosing what gear to buy.  Click the link below for my top choices of wildlife Canon lenses!

Best Overall Lens


As you can see, there are tons of good options when it comes to travel photography lenses. However, one lens in particular offers a little bit of everything – making it the most versatile for travel photography. Click below to know more about my pick for best overall Canon lens.